Ruben Philipp

funny kind of animated being…

for viola (and electronics) | 2024

three fragments as notes…

A courteous occasion makes a paper show no such occasion and this makes readiness and eyesight and likeness and a stool.

—Gertrude Stein. "A Paper" from Tender Buttons (1914)

The art of memory is like an inner writing. Those who know the letters of the alphabet can write down what is dictated to them and read out what they have written. Likewise those who have learned mnemonics can set in places what they have heard and deliver it from memory. 'For the places are very much like wax tables or papyrus, the images like the letters, the arrangement and disposition of the images like the script, and the delivery is like the reading.'

–Frances A. Yates. The Art of Memory (1966)

dynamics and intonation are explicitly left to the performer. […]

this piece can be performed with or without the involvement of electronic facilities (analog or digital) interacting with or accompanying the rendition. […]

there are two versions of the score. […] version a) should be consulted for practising and rehearsing, while b) [being devoid of most symbolic information included in version a)] should be considered as being the score to be used in (public) performances.

–excerpt from the performance notes of funny kind of animated being…

The piece was premiered in February 2024 at filum in Essen by Jing Chen (viola).

Performance material (including electronics) available on request.