sound collective and shadow orchestra

Ripened and matured for more than five years in the vibrant session scene of Germany's largest urban area, MND TRCK is a collective of like-minded musicians with an affinity for genre-bending explorations into the past, present and future of sound. Their heartbeat is synchronized with an eclectic symbiosis of the impelling pulse of 70's funk, the earthiness of (post-)modern soul, r&b's multifaceted vocabulary and the power of rock - all arranged in the idiosyncratic grammar of jazz.
Besides continuously traveling through space and time, MND TRCK currently co-curatates the Durchzug! concert, party and session series at Schumacher Club Bochum and co-hosts the Warm-Up! Late-Night-Show at Schauspielhaus Bochum.

Adino Binondo – saxophone
Alma Camara – vocals
Edmund Held – trumpet
Jan Schimmelpfennig – drums
Kiril Zafirov – trombone
Maximilian Wehner – trombone
Philipp Bracht – percussion
Robin Heimann – bass
Leon Philipp – bass
Ruben Philipp – keyboards

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