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Village Of The Sun

Out of countless encounters in practice rooms and at concerts crystalized a trio whose goal it is to create songs which go beyond popular genres and traditional songwriting conventions without ever needing to finalize them. Out of this arose a process that is constantly evolving with every new and inspiring musical encounter even after four years of the band playing together.

In the last years, many talented musicians were brought together by the KALAKUTA SESSIONS, a jam session initiated by the band. There, VILLAGE OF THE SUN gained three new members, who supplemented the original rhythm section with a trombone, keyboard and an unmistakable voice.

A year later, the sextet saw not only the development of formidable setlist that reflects the multitude of influences brought by the band members, but also their first release on a newly established music label, KALAKUTA SOUL RECORDS.

On the way to the completion of their first album emerged a initial vinyl single with two pieces that embody the musical scope of the band. Things Are Mixing Up/Princess Unicorn was released on Record Store Day in April 2015 on KALAKUTA SOUL RECORDS and will be (we can hardly believe it!) distributed worldwide by Europe’s most inspiring record store, Rush Hour.